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New book and calendar 2016

Two projects that end, two printed works

  • The book : Exilés de la Terre promise, 240 pages with text and photographs
  • The 2016 calendar : Himalayan Nomads

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Exhibtion in Paris

Vernissage Exposition Enfances Paris


Calendar Childhoods

"Childhoods" makes his calendar, and to order it nothing more simple that some clicks on the site of crownfunding Ulule


Book Enfances

The book brings together the lives of ten children with unusual daily lives (refugee, performer, tribe's life…), living in ten different countries. Each photostory is the fruit of meetings, exchanges and smiles. These children, separated by sea and land, are united here through their curiosities, love and instinct.

A book through which to contemplate other worlds, the universality of people and the diversity that surrounds us.

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US


New website

After 7 years the website has been refreshed.

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