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  • Photographic project

« Childhoods» presents different children's daily lives through photography. My work consists of spending approximately a week  with a child (between the age of 8 and 12 years old) and taking photos of the child living his everyday life. Nun in Burma, Gipsy in Turkey, Tchétchène living in France, I observe, photograph,bare witness.

By the means of this work, I wish to go above and beyond  candour and innocence of children to capture their complexity, wise, woeful
, wild… in their environment.

In a time where life, childhood, unfortunatly attempts to standardize, this project praises differences
. The aim of these photos are to discover children with unordinary childhoods, from a cultural, social and  environmental point of view, through my personnal esthetic.
Series of 20 to 30 pictures per child offer a trip
through little sparks of daily life in France and abroad.


  • Pedagogic project

Sharing this adventure with school classes is one of the main goals of the project.

Discovering the lifestyles of other children allows to see the richness of diversity and help better understand  one's cultural identity.

For this project, I will go on a world tour to meet boys and girls with unusual and surprising childhoods. During this trip - school year 2013/2014 - I would like to redo a correspondence like the one succesfully completed in 2010/2011 with 11 classes from grade 1 to grade 8 (available in french : here).

We are going to exchange texts and photos and I will also be there to inject ideas, reflexions and to answer questions. In each message I will alternate questions about current events, everyday réality and general culture. The correspondence will bring up common subjects experienced in my trip, like school, borders, the habits and customs of differents lands... This exchange is  possible with primary and secondary schools because I will select topics depending on the age of the children.

In spring, when I return to France, I'll meet with each classe to discuss my trip with the kids and to show them the exhibition "Childhoods"


  • Exhibition

The exhibit will document the lives of twelve children encountered all over the world by the means of sixty photos.Also presented on a easel will be a text illustrated by a map which retraces in a few sentences the individual  story of each child photographed.

What's more, at each exhibition folders will be available, containing more complete documentation that provide details on the historical, sociological, geographical contexts and  explain in detail the reasons for which i chose to photograph this child.

Behind each serie of photos, each individual story and each child there are historical elements.

The photos will be presented on mobil removable railings facilatating an easy installation adaptable to every location. These railings designed for "childhoods" permit an easy aesthetic format and facilatate the transport of the exhibition.

  • Travels and world tour

The photographical project "childhoods" gave birth to its first photos on my second trip to Birmany. Other trips followed with new photos. That being said, the trip exclusively dedicated to the project "childhoods" is a world tour that will take place between august 2013 and march 2014.

Just like Jules verne, i will set off towards the sunrise. My first stage will take me to the north of India, then gradually the countries will succeed; the pacific islands, north america then south america and then end with two months in Africa, conntinent i'm not familiar with. The trip will finish in Ethiopia and the return trip will transit very quickly with the preparation of the exhibition followed by the encounter with the school children.

  • Partners

In our days, today it is impossible to finance a photographic work through the sales of photographic reports. Such a project intertwining photography and pedagogy can only come to life with the help of lots of partners.So A big thank you to them for making it possible for me to carry out this project.

Tirage-Art : art printing online and digigraphie

Biosphoto : Photographic agency

LDLC : informatic

Association Objectif Extra-muros

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